AGC Interpane at BAU: Hall C3, Stand 329

Vacuum insulation glass and more

At BAU 2019 in Munich, AGC Interpane will present numerous innovations that provide new architectural impulses: the vacuum insulation glass "Fineo" without any visible evacuation opening, solar control glass with tempered and non-tempered variants that are optically and, in terms of performance, technically identical, active glass that enables parts of the façade to light up, design laminated safety glass and much more. In addition, the company will present the new service "Coating on Demand" for façade coatings according to customers' wishes. A skyscraper realized using this service, "Vista Tower" (Studio Gang Architects), will be exhibited at a scale of 1:300 in an exclusive glass display cabinet made from the anti-reflection glass "Clearsight". A special bonbon for architects and glass processors is the new edition of the handbook "Design with Glass", which will be published (in German Language) in time for BAU in its 10th addition. It will be available on the stand. 

The new vacuum insulation glass "Fineo" consists of two glass panes of at least three millimetres thickness, each with a highly insulating coating and separated from each other by a vacuum layer of 0.1 millimetres. With a thermal transmittance (Ug) value of 0.4 to 0.7 W/(m²K), it insulates as well as, or better than, much heavier triple insulation glazing. The product is especially characterized by its speciality: an unrestricted view through the glass without any visible evacuation opening. It is used in construction in the same way as normal insulation glass. The daylight transmittance is around 15 percent higher than that of conventional triple-pane glazing with two low-e layers. The solar energy transmittance is around 30 percent better, which significantly reduces heating costs in the cold winter months. Even the noise protection is improved by an average of 3 decibels (RW + Ctr according to EN 12758). 

On the theme of solar control, AGC Interpane will present a broad overview of the "stars" of international architecture: products from the ipasol and Stopray product ranges, from high daylight transmittance and moderate solar factor to products with a very low solar factor, reflective and low-reflection products as well as new temperable and bendable products. Recent additions to the range include "Stopray Ultra-60 on Clearvision" and "Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision". The biggest advantage here is that these products are "matchable". This means they can be placed next to each other in a façade without there being any aesthetic differences, for example as flat panes in combination with curved panes. As triple silver-coated glass, the products are highly selective (selectivity > 2) and with a solar factor of 32 percent they provide excellent protection against overheating by the sun's rays. At the same time, on coated low-iron glass they allow 65 percent of the visible daylight into the room for maximum daylight utilization. The light reflection is relatively low at 13 percent to the outside and 15 percent to the inside, which also contributes to transparency. With a thermal transmittance (Ug) value of only 1.0 W/(m²K) this glazing protects excellently against cooling of the interior when temperatures are cold, which saves on heating costs and protects the environment. The temperable variant Stopray Ultra-60T on Clearvision can be bent and also further refined by screen printing or other techniques. 

With the new service "Coating on Demand" (CoD) AGC Interpane enables architects to develop unique glazing that is exactly tailored to their requirements and is produced independently of the standard product range. The technical and aesthetic characteristics are defined individually using special software and simulated in a photo-realistic rendering. After this, the first glass sample and mockup are produced – all on the same day. Every "On-demand Coating" remains exclusive to the architect. 

In the new active glass "Glassiled Uni", LEDs integrated into the surround provide an even illumination of the complete glass pane, so that the entire façade or individual areas can be lit up in colour or even animated. During the daylight phase, "Glassiled Uni" can remain turned off and is then completely transparent. In interiors the glass is ideal for the creation of unusual designs but can also be used to provide privacy. 

Colour and privacy are also strong-points of the laminated safety glass "Stratobel Colour": From transparent via translucent to opaque, this glass offers coloured light transmission as desired through the use of multiple films. In architectural projects this provides the possibility to design artistically using transparency both in the interior and externally, and to combine colour with aesthetics and security. The colour tones - Stone Grey, Mineral Grey and Terra Brown - add harmonically to the decorative glass range. The interplay of these colour tones is brought to life on the stand in the form of rotatable glass fins. In the same area, the decorative glass types "Lacobel T" and "Matelac T" are displayed and the many opportunities for combinations demonstrated – the products are also perfectly matched in terms of colour to the exhibited variants from the Stratobel Colour range. Individual colour tones for decorative and laminated safety glass can be created via the service "My Colour by" for an order volume of 200 square metres and above.

New edition of the handbook "Design with Glass" (in German language)

"Design with Glass" is the name of the successful handbook for architects and processors from AGC Interpane that has now been published in its 10th edition. It offers up-to-date, detailed information on handling the building material glass. In addition to the technical details of all AGC Interpane products, the current norms, technical knowledge about glass and building structures as well as the current legislation, guidelines and many more topics are covered. The popular planning reference has been regarded as a standard work by planners and glass processors for many years. The handbook will be available on the company's stand at BAU. Alternatively, it can be ordered by E-mail for a nominal fee of €10 under the heading "Design with Glass" from .

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At "Docks" in Brussels the highly selective "ipasol neutral 70/37" provides maximum transparency and effective solar control.
Photo: AGC Interpane

The 10th edition of the popular standard reference work "Design with Glass" for architects and processors will be published in January 2019 in German language.
Photo: AGC Interpane

A lot of space for good conversations: AGC Interpane's new trade fair stand.
Photo: AGC Interpane / Zeissig