Mirox 4Green: opaque and lead-free

AGC Interpane: new eco-friendly mirror 

The new premium mirror Mirox 4Green from AGC Interpane is an especially sustainable alternative to the low-lead standard mirror Mirox MNGE. It delivers the same performance but stands out through its use of lead-free paint. It is also opaque and therefore ideal for backlit applications.

The paint on the back of Mirox 4Green, which is impenetrable to light, is built up in two layers and protects the silver coating of the mirror from corrosion. During the product’s development, the focus was not only on avoiding the use of toxic products but also on maintaining indoor air quality, which remains unimpaired due to the extremely low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Mirox mirrors are Cradle to Cradle certified, confirming their eco-friendliness. They provide a high-quality enhancement to interiors and are available in five colours: Clear, Clearvision, Bronze, Grey and Black. The mirrors are compatible with the FIX-IN glass adhesion system from AGC, which simplifies their installation significantly. They can be used for diverse interior applications such as wall coverings, furniture or doors and are especially suitable for wet rooms. Sandblasted variants of Mirox 4Green limit the light dispersion on the sandblasted areas, creating an especially attractive look. In addition, the Safe+ version guarantees high protection against injury.

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Its outstanding opacity in backlit mirror applications and its use of lead-free paint make Mirox 4Green aesthetically and ecologically appealing.
Photo: AGC Glass Europe