Vacuum insulating glazing and new anti-explosion technology

AGC Interpane in the special show at glasstec

At glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf, AGC Interpane presents a wide range of products designed to maximise architectural individuality. These includes a new generation of vacuum insulating glazing and high-performance anti-explosion glass, which are showcased at Glass Technology Live, the trade fair’s special show for innovations.

The new vacuum insulating glazing (VIG) is characterised by one standout feature: it offers an unrestricted view, without any visible evacuation openings. It is constructed like normal insulating glazing and has a very low total thickness – ten millimetres for standard applications. An even thinner construction measuring only six millimetres is also available and is the preferred option for many historic buildings. The thermal transmittance (Ug) of the complete component is 0.7 W/(m²K), the aim being to reduce this to 0.4 W/(m²K) in the near future. Compared to conventional triple glazing with two low-e layers, daylight transmission with the new glazing is around 15 percent higher. The throughput of solar energy is even some 30 percent greater, which significantly reduces heating costs in the cold winter months. Soundproofing is also improved by an average of three decibels (RW + Ctr according to EN 12758).

In addition, AGC Interpane presented a new high-performance anti-explosion glass using Falcon, an aluminium silicate thin glass type that is suitable for chemical tempering. It offers the same performance as conventional anti-explosion laminated glass but with much thinner constructions. The mechanical strength of the glass is five times that of thermally tempered soda-lime glass. Moreover, the glass does not create any optical distortion.

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Anti-explosion glass with Falcon technology delivers much higher performance with significantly thinner glass components.
Photo: AGC Glass Europe

AGC’s new vacuum insulating glazing: another step into the future.
Photo: AGC Glass Europe