Matelux – Acid-etched glass


With its high-quality acid-etched satin finish, Matelux strikes the delicate balance between offering privacy while letting in light. Soft to the touch, this translucent glass also comes in a double-sided version, ideal for doors and room dividers and Anti-slip versions, for stairs and floors in glass.

Professionally processed on large sheets to ensure uniformity and continuity results in a homogeneous grain and finish. What’s more, it can be processed like regular float glass, making it the preferred material to add visual impact to both interior and exterior spaces.

Colour options: Matelux clear, Clearvision, grey, bronze, dark grey, Linea Azzura


  • Easy to clean and maintain as it is resistant to stains.
  • Offers a high level of light transmission (as high as 90% depending on the thickness of the glass).
  • Matelux products are Cradle to Cradle Certified.



Interior use: Doors, furniture, stairs, room dividers, sliding doors, partition walls, shower doors, tables, desks, lightning, shelves, etc.

Exterior use: insulating glazing units, doors, anti-slip tiles, …