Matelac T – Satin finished painted glasses


  • Float glass covered on one side with a high quality paint that must be heat-treated. After heat treatment Lacobel T is a true enameled glass.
  • First painted glass with a satin finish that processors can immediately cut and heat-treat at their processing plant
  • Mat and uniform appearance.
  • Available in 15 trendsetting colours (same colour palette than Lacobel T) to offer a wide range of style choices.
  • Toughened Matelac T show very little indoor emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


AGC strongly recommends that Matelac T products should be processed by an AGC Certified Processor. This will ensure superior quality of processed glass and eliminate any negative risks for final customer. The complete list of Certified Processors with their addresses and contact details is available on the right side of this page in the “Certified Processors” section.


Matelac T

  • is a painted glass with a satin finish which can be cut and heat-treated at the processing plant
  • offers a unique smooth finishing due to the fine grain obtained through the acid etching process
  • grants high flexibility and cost savings in managing production lines, orders and inventories
  • allows fast response times to market needs
  • meets high safety requirements both in public and private buildings
  • withstands thermal shocks
  • can be used in interior and exterior applications
  • has a smooth uniform appearance due to AGC's industrial paint application process
  • presents a high-quality painted finish which comes in a range of 15 trendsetting colours
  • has a 12 month shelf life


Can be used indoors (table tops, furniture and wall covering) and outdoors (facade cladding, spandrels), so suitable for a number of architectural applications.