SunEwat XL

Laminated Glass with embedded Photovoltaic-Cells

SunEwat XL is a laminated glass with embedded mono or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells, which generates electricity while serving as a building material. Deploying SunEwat XL photovoltaic modules improves the building’s energy performance.

Assemblies are made of two sheets of toughened glass, preferably with an extra-clear outside sheet so as to maximise power generation. The inside sheet can be an extra-clear, clear, coloured, silk screened, or any other type of glass. A junction box is located on the edge of the modules, enabling their electrical connection in a photovoltaic installation. 

It also can be integrated into double-glazed units to provide the required level of thermal insulation.

The photovoltaic modules meet all relevant aesthetic and functional requirements, meaning they can be integrated seamlessly into buildings. They can be used instead of conventional materials. The space between the cells is variable in order to adjust the module’s light transmission. Products are custom built, giving architects plenty of flexibility to combine electricity generation with:

- facades

- canopies

- sunshades

- balustrades

- other features

NEW: Used in non-ventilated spandrels, SunEwat XL maintains its performance at high temperatures.

AGC Interpane grants a performance guarantee: 10 years (90% of nominal power), 20 years (80% of nominal power).