Exterior Design

Glass for style and design

Sophisticated architecture with large areas of glass offers planners and artists almost unlimited opportunities to work with colours, forms, patterns and structures. In the hands of creative architects, a façade turns into an artist's canvas. By playing with colours and motifs, and with geometric and freely created forms of expression, it is possible to break away from the constraints of traditional construction.

The interplay between glass and light - in reflection, transmission and absorption - creates aesthetic and light-architectonic effects that can be creatively combined. Even with an uncomplicated design, the noble material glass shines resplendently in a completely new light.

Due to its high resistance to ageing, glass embodies a timelessness that lasts for several generations. But glass design also requires a high level of accuracy and knowledge: "Glass does not forgive any mistakes." With our many years of experience, we are here to support you in the realization of your visions in glass: creative, constructive, competent!

Glass design procedures

The range of possibilities for glass design has never been more extensive than it is today. On the one hand, long-standing and proven procedures are available, such as classical screen printing or sandblasting. On the other hand, there are completely new methods of glass design such as painted glass, acid-etched glass or ceramic digital printing.

The ceramic digital print is the optimum solution for a fast and economical glass design for indoor or outdoor usage. Based on specifications and preferences, the glass panels are decorated in high resolution using vivid colours.

As a strong alliance, AGC INTERPANE can thus offer a comprehensive range of products to its clients and partners. The opportunities for combining the procedures described here are almost unlimited. Versions are usually available in float glass, fully tempered glass, thermally toughened glass, laminated safety glass and insulating glass.