Oversized glass products

Giga Lites

International demand for oversized glass products is on the increase. They are used, for example, when architects want to design exclusive glass constructions with complete façades composed of very few individual panes.

With Giga Lites, AGC Interpane has now developed glass panes that are among the largest coated glass products in the world. The maximum deliverable size for coated float glass is 18.00 x 3.21 metres – with a maximum thickness of 20 mm.

Several factors need to be considered during installation, such as the weight of the glazing units and of the individual panes or the minimum thicknesses of the different types of glass. Adapted brackets or elastic fittings must be used. The weight, dimensions and the larger width of the edges must be verified to ensure that the planned window or façade system is suitable for this type of product. Of course, transport and installation also need particular consideration.

Maximum dimensions of different types of glass

Oversized glazing requires the advice of glass experts. The AGC Interpane Beratungscenter in Plattling is available to architects, engineers, developers, processors and institutional building owners in Germany and abroad, on location or by phone: Tel. +49 (0) 9931 950 229, Fax +49 (0) 9931 950 236 or E-mail: ibcinterpane.com.