Solar control

Intelligent solar control glazing for innovative architecture

Up-to-date, modern architecture is glass architecture. Generous areas of glass are setting accents worldwide. Ever-more-daring designs from architects and planners demand increasingly innovative glass technologies. As a building material, glass has proved to be a flexible and timeless solution. Even with large façades of glass, modern solar control glazing minimizes excessive heating in summer - in winter an insulating coating helps to prevent the energy from the heating system escaping. Today, modern coatings allow plenty of natural daylight to brighten up interior spaces.

AGC INTERPANE: The widest and most comprehensive range of solar control glazing on the market

Energy efficiency, sustainability and design are the most important trends for architects working with sophisticated glass architecture - and the demands are increasing continually, especially for large-area glass façades. AGC Interpane has responded to these trends with a broad programme of innovative products.

Special products for special requirements

Planners and building physicists always demand high daylight transmittance and at the same time especially low total energy transmittance. For this purpose, AGC Interpane offers, for example, high-end solar control glass products with a triple silver coating, which are especially colour-neutral to look at or look through, even when viewed from an oblique angle. There are also products for maximum daylight transmittance and glazing with coloured accents - blue is currently very popular. Where extreme solar control is the primary consideration, an especially low solar factor is required: AGC Interpane offers products that are particularly suitable for southern or equatorial regions. Products with very low or, if required, very high reflective properties can also be found in the portfolio.