Solar control - Stopray

Magnetron-coated glazing for solar control and improved thermal insulation

High selectivity and colour neutrality are no longer mutually exclusive in solar control glass. The ratio of transparency Tv to the total energy transmittance (solar factor) can reach values as high as two in neutral Stopray glazing. A magnetron coating, sputtered onto the glass in a vacuum process, ensures optimal solar control in the summer while a low thermal transmittance (Ug) prevents heat loss in the winter. Stopray solar control panes are used as insulating glass. Besides neutral, Stopray is also available in several colours, with transparency values ranging from 47 to 61 percent. 

To ensure even better thermal insulation, AGC Interpane developed "0.9 Stopray" insulating glass. The combination of soft coating and the pyrolytic coating Planibel GfastT enables a thermal transmittance (Ug) of just 0.9 W/(m²K). The excellent solar control is achieved through the application of a selective metallic coating.

  • High transparency, good solar control - little heat is radiated into the building
  • Suitable for any climate: solar control in summer and thermal insulation in winter
  • Available in various colours, as well as in neutral colours with low reflection

Consistent Cradle to Cradle certification

Our products are not only technically and aesthetically market-leading, but also ecologically: We have been certifying our glazing since 2010 according to Cradle to Cradle, a strict evaluation system for sustainability and recyclability. "C2C" evaluates the sustainability of products over their entire life cycle. To obtain certification products need to fulfil tough requirements in five categories: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness. 

The AGC Group has the world's most comprehensive portfolio of glass products that have been certified to the levels bronze, silver and gold. The European AGC Group is thereby the pioneer for sustainability in the glass industry.
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