Interpane E & B

INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft (E & B)
– the research and development center

About us

The INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH (E & B) is the research and development center within the INTERPANE group and supports its business partners

  • in finding solutions to application problems,
  • continuously extending our product line,
  • generating new products.

We also support the different companies of the Interpane group by providing support and advice in quality management.

We also act as a speciality equipment manufacturer. We provide solutions for more efficient glass coating and glass manufacturing.

We work in close relation with our customers and a variety of partners on the research and development side.


Managing director
Hugues Wiame, Dominik Waldeyer

Kerstin Sorby

INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH(E & B)
Sohnreystraße 21
37697 Lauenfoerde, Germany
Phone +49.5273.809-0
Fax +49.5273.809-411


Applications engineering

Applications engineering activities:

  • Consultancy for the application of innovative glass designs
  • Providing solutions to construction physics and application-related problems taking into account the relevant standards and regulations
  • Measurement and calculation of the technical properties of insulating glass combinations in cooperation with our physics laboratory
  • Laboratory investigation of products and materials for insulating glass applications
  • Continuous auditing of the INTERPANE production facilities
  • Qualifying new suppliers and quality improvement programs with existing suppliers
  • Development and improvement of glass products for environmentally sound, future-oriented and energy-saving glass applications

Head of department
Michael Elstner

INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH (E & B)
Sohnreystraße 21
37697 Lauenfoerde, Germany
Phone +49 5273 809-0
Fax +49 5273 809-401

Coating development

Coating development activities:

  • Development of new coating systems and new products
  • Evaluation and implementation of improvements in coating process technology
  • Development of novel coating process technology

Several laboratory coaters equipped with online measurement and analysis systems serve our needs. The equipment is designed not only to facilitate fast development of new coating systems but it also allows for fast and easy modification of system components such as cathodes, and for fast testing of new models.

Sophisticated state of the art analytical equipment and coating design software is used to speed up the development of novel coatings and deposition processes.

We have a succesfull history in joint development projects with a variety of different partners. And are continuously expanding our base of excellent and skilled research and development partners.

We also provide exploratory coating service to external customers. This includes experiment and coating design, fabrication of samples and coating prototypes, measurement and coating evaluation and on site trouble shooting and improvement of coating production process.

Head of department
Dr. rer. nat. Hansjoerg Weis

INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH (E & B)
Sohnreystraße 21
37697 Lauenfoerde, Germany
Phone +49.5273.809-0
Fax +49.5273.809-401

Mechanical and systems engineering

Mechanical and systems engineering activities:

  • Design, manufacturing and installation, start up of coating plants
  • Development and improvement of coating equipment and equipment modules
  • Process management software
  • Technical support of coating plants at the INTERPANE facilities
  • Start up and improvement of safety glass and insulating glass production lines

Coating plants
4 batch to batch sputter vacuum coaters
3 continuous operation vertical sheet glass sputter vacuum coaters
5 continuous operation horizontal sheet glass sputter vacuum coaters
1 air to air continuous operation coil coater

all formats up to jumbo sizes
annual coating capacities up to 7 Mill. sqm p.a.
almost complete automatic operation
advanced process control tools

We also provide equipment to non Interpane companies. Aspects may cover equipment to improve existing equipment all the way down to turnkey production installments.

Head of department
Marc Ewers

INTERPANE Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH (E & B)
Sohnreystraße 21
37697 Lauenfoerde, Germany
Phone +49.5273.809-0
Fax +49.5273.809-401