Sound insulation

iplus top ipaphon

Heat retaining and soundproof glass

Considering our environment in a broader sense means not only protecting ourselves from excessive noise, but also saving valuable natural resources. This means that we need to make substantial improvements to the thermal insulation of buildings, both new and old. 

Therefore, a modern noise protection insulation glass system not only needs a broad spectrum of soundproofing properties (up to RW = 52 dB), but must also significantly reduce the transmission heat losses.

The iplus top ipaphon soundproofing range therefore has the high-quality iplus top coating as a standard feature.  

The tightening up of the German energy saving legislation makes it compulsory to use triple-glazed insulation glass or products with similar properties. Therefore, AGC INTERPANE has developed an alternative soundproofing product range on the basis of triple glazing.

All iplus top ipaphon types can be combined with almost any of the iplus and ipasol coatings. The resulting energetic values are almost the same as those of the iplus or ipasol type used, with unaltered soundproofing characteristics.